R541 Infographic Sketches and Design Notes


Sketch #1

Sketch #2

Design Notes

What is the purpose of your infographic and who is the intended audience?

The purpose of the inforgraphic is to inform about the definition, licensing, and offering of OER via textbook and subject contexts.  The audience is faculty new to learning about, searching, and utilizing  OER.

Why did you lay out the elements in that way?

Millions of philanthropic dollars have been invested in the creation of OER; and according to Dr. Cable Green, Director of Global Learning at Creative Commons, there exist over 500 million Creative Commons licensed items.  Searching through these OER require an investment not only in time, but also a commitment to understanding open licensing issues when reusing, revising, remixing, redistributing, and attributing these materials.  This “mining” of OER is work.  Thus, the layout of the elements in the infographic within an underground mine are a nod to the precious value of the ore (OER), but also to the worker (faculty) expending their own resources to cull the resource itself.

Why are you representing those data in that way?

Category and Alphabet are the organizational principles of LATCH I’m using for this infographic.  The information between textbook and subject is similarly weighted and the listing of the texts and courses by subject makes the most logical sense.

What colors are you thinking about using and why?

The mining theme could embrace an underground brown earth, black coal, and yellow light color scheme; but I know there is also above ground mining that consisting of blue sky, green background, gray or brown mining track.  My initial plan was to use the coal cars, but I definitely plan to complete more research about the mining field.